Licínio de Freitas Vaz Contreiras

October 2018

Interview with Mr. Licínio de Freitas Vaz Contreiras, CEO, AIPEX - Agência de Investimento Privado e Promoção das Exportações de Angola (Agency for Private Investment and Promotion of Exports)

“We have great signs of our government focussing on private investment, establishing new laws to allow repatriation of capital or being able to obtain investment visas at ease. Angola is a unified country with no history of tribalism. The political stability that Angola can now boast should also entice investors to feel confident in approaching a new lucrative market full of potential."

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José António Neto

October 2018

Interview with Eng. José António Neto, CEO , PRODEL – E.P., Luanda, Angola

"We have been in talks with various entities and expressed interest in creating mixed companies to promote investments in the renewable energy area. Angola does not have much wind potential, however, the sun and biomass potential is great. Regarding the latter, we have great possibilities to install biomass centrals to produce electricity. To give an example, we have the BIOCOM project, which produces electricity from sugar cane, and is also the first project with private investment in the country. In PRODEL we are open to look at partnerships with private investors in order to work in renewable energies development.”

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Eduardo Sebastião, CEO, Angola Telecom

August 2018

Interview with Mr. Eduardo Sebastião, CEO, Angola Telecom, Luanda, Angola

“The market in Angola is very promising and interesting. The growth rate of the Angolan population is quite high, close to 3%. The companies that want to invest here have to have this aspect in mind. The second point is that Angola is still a virgin market, there is still a lot to be done, so there are enormous investment opportunities. Many areas are not developed yet; any investor coming here has great opportunities to benefit from this incredible potential the country has to offer.”

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Eng. Bráulio de Brito, CEO & Chairman, Tradinter, Luanda, Angola

July 2018

Interview with Eng. Bráulio de Brito, CEO & Chairman, Tradinter, Luanda, Angola

“As far as oil and gas business is concerned, Angola has been Africa’s second biggest producer for many years. During the “boom times” when the oil price was very high, we saw lots of investments and tremendous development of the Angolan oil and gas industry. We also saw the introduction of new technology; Angola was a test base for new technologies in oil and gas, so we as a country had a huge possibility to develop people. We had lots of joint ventures between Angolan and foreign entities, which brought improvement, technologies, innovation and know-how to the country. The oil and gas sector has been stable, investment has been strong, and all the major investors saw that Angola had huge potential.”

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July 2017

The man at the helm: Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras

"(...)We are now in a position to support our production, to attract investments, to encourage new forms of cooperation, to revitalize our industries, to boost our exports, and, all in all, create new jobs and significantly reduce unemployment at the height of the EU average, in the years to come. ...."

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